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Adler Schiffe

By car or train via Nordstrand cheap, fast and sustainable by boat to Amrum:
From Husum to Nordstrand and from there from Strucklahnungshörn (parking available) the MS Adler-Express takes you to Amrum (no car ferry), from the end of March to the end of October. Information under Tel. 04842 – 268 or

  • From Nordstrand/ harbour Strucklahnungshörn (20 minutes from Husum) you can travel to the island of Amrum in 90 minutes with the MS “Adler-Express” of the shipping company Adler-Schiffe
  • You can leave your car here for free at the nearby parking lot (costs are covered by the shipping company Adler-Schiffe).
  • You can easily load and unload your luggage directly at the ship.

More information and tickets under:

You can also order your ticket directly with us when you book your hotel by phone!

Useful links

Taxi Harksen

The only taxi company on the island can be reached at :
Phone 04682 968730 or mobile 0171 3287237

Beach chair rental

The beach chair rental companies will place your beach chair, if possible already pre-ordered, depending on your wishes either at the edge of the dunes, directly at the water’s edge, at the nudist beach or near the surf base.

Heinz Jannen:  Phone 04682-2947

Strandkorb Martinen:  Phone 04682-995313


Yvonne Märkerin, Wittdün Phone: 04682 9689919
Salon Stock, Wittdün Phone: 04682 2505

Doctors and pharmacies

Should you unexpectedly fall ill during your holiday, you will find a list of doctors on the island here. You can also access the pharmacy emergency service calendar here.

Luggage service DHL

You want to send your luggage in advance?! Under 0174 3248002 ( Rainer Schüller ) you can find out how it works.

JAB Josef Anstoetz KG

The result of what you do can never be convincing if your heart is not in it. (Ralph Anstoetz)
Since the Hotel Hüttmann is very close to our hearts and we make every change with the utmost care and attention to detail, only a brand of the highest quality and innovation can be considered for us.

Ocean Kite School in Tarifa

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