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The northernmost and farthest place from the harbour is Norddorf. In 1890 Friedrich von Bodelschwingh discovered it for his hospices and only 2 years later Heinrich Hüttmann came from Altona and alleviated his asthma.

The cosy village welcomes you with peace, the high dunes up to the edge of the village, the forest that ends here, the mud flats and of course the beautiful wide beach with its sand like icing sugar.

Let yourself be enchanted by the old Frisian houses and the extraordinary atmosphere.

The oldest Hotel Amrums - Hotel Hüttmann is located in the middle of the quiet village centre, right next to Amrum Touristik and opposite the bus stop.



HOTEL HÜTTMANN  |  UAL SAAREPSWAI 2-6  |  25946 NORDDORF / AMRUM  |  TELEFON 04682 922-0  |  FAX 04682 922-113  |  info@hotel-Huettmann.de
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