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News at Hotel Hüttmann

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We are pleased that we have a new, free offer for you from now on:

Do you regularly visit a fitness studio at home?

You don't want to interrupt your training?

You have never visited such a gym before and would like to try it out?

Are you curious about the possibilities the gym offers?

As our guest you can use the Norddorfer Fitness Studio Eilun Fit with its complete offer from equipment training over all courses up to the Finnish sauna on 585 m² free of charge and daily.

In addition, with your club card you will receive 20% off your professional personal training with the owner of the studio, Cornelius Jannen.

125 Years of Hüttmann

125 Years Hotel Hüttmann

On April 11, 2017 we were richly rewarded by the great participation of friends, acquaintances, guests and business partners who have accompanied us on our way for many years.

Therefore we would like to say THANK YOU.....

for the good wishes,
for the kind words of understanding that touched us so much,
for all the flowers,
for the great gifts,
for the warm embraces and loving gestures,
for the big surprises and the countless little things, especially for the willingness to support the Amrumer Kindergarten.

So much encouragement and recognition has overwhelmed us and filled us with pride!



Picnic basket on the beach in the beach basket reserved for you


1 fl. summer Riesling or red wine
1 small bottle of water              
baguette bread                       
Pasta Ratatouille Salad               
fruit salad       
snack mix

2 persons 49,00 Euro


½ bottle of champagne          
1 small bottle of water
crab salad
Wild rice salad with mango
Mozzarella Caprese
small sandwiches
            with avocado, salmon, serrano
snack mix

2 persons 75,00 Euro


Deposit for picnic basket and blanket: € 50.00

Please order until 12.00 o'clock for the same evening





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