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relax, promote blood circulation and relieve the organism. Soothing hands pamper you and strengthen your muscles. High-quality oils support their effect and are a source of new vitality.

Overview massage offers

Aroma oil - full body massageca. 60 Min
70 €

Brush massage / Peeling                                     
with materials individually defined for you (hemp, sisal, etc.)
to improve your skin blood circulation

ca. 30 Min
33 €

Sea salt - oil - peeling or
Amrumer - Sand - Oil Peeling
have a purifying effect. The blood circulation is strongly stimulated.
and the mineral-containing sea salt and the sea sand respectively provide a
enrichment of trace elements through the skin

ca. 60 Min
70 €
rose oil massage                                                     
your body is massaged with rose oil.
With flowing, relaxing massage grips and the fragrance of the
roses, a balance and harmonization of the
Body, mind and soul
ca. 60 Min
75 €
regenerative massage                                         
with silk glove peeling and goat butter sesame oil pack.
Eliminates stress, tension and restlessness and harmonises sustainably
ca.60 Min
85 €
Energy massage ( Ayurveda - principle )                
with head massage. The combination of a gentle, sensitive massage
and energy work has a calming effect on body and soul
ca. 75 Min
84 €
Hot Stone Energy Massage                                    
50°C hot Mexican volcanic rocks are transferred to the energy points
placed to give strength and glide afterwards at a tingling
Oil massage over your body. Tensions are loosened and
activates the internal body energies.
ca. 90 Min
90 €
Singing Bowls - Massage                                         
releases tensions, mobilizes the self-healing powers and is, among other things,
particularly well suitable for pregnant women and children - you experience
a completely new Body awareness and well-being.
ca. 30 Min
35 €
Amrum Special                                                       
Package with sea silt and subsequent mussel massage
ca.75 Min
85 €
Sea feeling
Peeling with full sea salt foam, subsequent massage with LaMer Balance Oil
ca. 60 Min
80 €

Choccolat - body massage incl. peeling              
a pampering, soothing massage with warmth,
tenderly melting and seductively smelling chocolate.

ca. 80  Min
85 €
Herbal stamp massage                                          
the whole body is massaged with moist - warm herbal stamps.
The blood circulation, the lymph flow and the purification are thereby
and tensions and blockages are loosened.
ca. 60 Min85 €
Amber massage                                               
Harmonising massage for deep relaxation. The special
The properties of amber have a positive effect on the flow of energy.
ca. 60 Min70 €
Massage with gemstone stylus                                    
stylus, balls, soapstone, rose quartz or rock crystal. The massage
has a direct effect on the muscles, promotes blood circulation and loosens the
Blockades in the energetic range.
ca. 60 Min70 €
Hopi - Ear candle treatment incl. head massage   
from the Hopi Indian culture.
An individual relaxation ceremony, pleasant and calming,
literally clears your head, very much recommended for colds and sinus problems.
ca. 50 Min55 €
Head massage                                                            
relax and let go
ca. 20 Min25 €

Foot reflex zone massage                                        
the gentle stimulation increases the self-healing power of the body
supports and restores the flow of blocked energy.
Please do not cream or deodorize your feet before these treatments!

ca. 40 Min
40 €

partial body massage
relieves tension and blockages

ca. 30 Min.
35 €

to that
raised bog pack                                                                     
hay pack                                                                              
heat wrapping                             

ca. 20 Min
20 €
20 €
15 €
Hot roll - deep heat treatment                                   
Moist heat application to dissolve muscle blockages in combination
with a massage.
ca. 15 Min.
15 €

Infrared - Thermium ( no sauna )
                                   combined with a massage   
mild infrared - C heat radiation penetrates deeply into your body, thus leading to
to improve the blood circulation, relieves tension and strengthens the Immune
system, temperature individually between 40 ° C and 80 ° C                          

ca. 30 Min.15 €
  8 €



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