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Our cosmetic series


Care product for the highest demands according to biological recipes with natural and nature-identical ingredients. Dr. Spiller products are based on the latest research findings. Wherever possible, they contain no chemical additives such as stabilizers, colorants or preservatives. Only natural substances are used. The formulations are enriched with highly concentrated, natural active ingredients that support and harmonise the skin's metabolism. www.dr-spiller.com

    a brand for the highest demands

Payot is a modern brand with tradition, which stands as a beauty specialist for high-quality, effective care products. Under the term "Holistic Beauty", Dr. Nadia Payot developed a unique concept based on the harmonious interaction of body, soul and spirit. Active ingredients of natural origin such as herbs, plants and minerals form the basis of the cosmetic series. The correct diagnosis under consideration of factors such as environmental influences and lifestyle is the treatment basis at Payot. We also take your wishes and needs into account, from a "quick" refresher to a comprehensive, relaxing complete anti-aging treatment. www.payot.de  

   Beauty and care from the sea              

For more than 25 years La mer has been dedicated to the secret of beautiful skin. The company's headquarters in Cuxhaven is also the birthplace of the unique idea to make active ingredients contained in sea silt usable for cosmetics. Every single product of the medium-sized company contains precious sea silt extract, which is obtained by a worldwide patented extraction process in the company's own laboratory. Whether radiant freshness for young, highly concentrated care for stressed skin or regeneration for mature skin, men's care as well as sun protection products - the clear cosmetic range meets the needs of all skin types and age groups. With the MED care series, La mer also offers a therapy-accompanying care range that is specially adapted to very dry skin, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and acne. The compatibility of La mer products has been dermatologically tested. As most of the products are available unscented, they are also suitable for very sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies. Continuous research and new development at La Mer also ensure optimum quality. www.la-mer.com


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